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In 2025 the rift was closed. In 2072 it reopened. Join the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.



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So I got sent to the dean today for wearing this top. My study tech teacher said that I was “exploiting” myself and that it could be a distraction to the other students. I got up out of my seat and told her that I wasn’t going to listen to her dress codes. In a way, she was being misogynist and slut shaming and I think that’s wrong. I will continue to wear what I want and nobody can tell me not to. The fact that womens bodies are sexualized and objectified so much angers me and that’s the reason why this happened. I’m going to wear what I want, how I want, when I want and that’s it.

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I’m a guy. I can’t wear a shirt like this either, even though I’m not going to be wearing a bra. it’s dress code. It’s not slut shaming. You can’t show your bra like that at most jobs. why should you at school? Yes sexism is wrong and all that, but you can’t get ‘angry at the patriarchy” because you can’t show your undergarments in public. I’m not going to wear jeans with a rip in the side  or the front that show off my flowery boxers, because that’s just not appropriate for school. Have some professionalism. You can wear whatever you like at home or with your friends or whatever, yes, but school prepares you for real life.

At work you can’t have this attitude of “I wear the fuck ever I want.” and expect to keep your job. School is the same way because it’s trying to teach you that lesson. That’s unrealistic; almost any job you get is going to have someone tell you what to wear or what to do because you work for them and you represent their company. If you don’t look the way they need you to look, that makes them look bad. A tattoo parlor probably isn’t going to hire someone who dresses like a nun and a top company isn’t going to hire someone who comes to work in a tank top that shows off her bra or a guy that shows off his ballsack. 

You can’t blame patriarchy for this, I’m sorry. You can’t blame sexism for this. If I wore booty shorts and you could almost see my balls through my semi transparent flowery goddamn boxers, I would get in the same amount of trouble as you, and it’s within good reason.

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